Sheds traditionally come in Ranch, Barn and stand-alone "Lean To" configurations that can be set immediately next to a building.
We have free delivery on the Eastside of Seattle. You provide access to the building location and a level pad (gravel preferred), and we will deliver and install it at no extra cost.

Our packages include levelling blocks and a 4x4 pressure treated lumber skid base, 16" OC. Flooring is 3/4" OSB. In especially wet installations, we are able to provide PT plywood sub-base. Siding is pre-primed prior to the delivery. Roof slope is typical 4/12. Gable vents are included. Painting in any color of your choice is also available.

Outdoor studio

We have three lines of outdoor studios Our studios come in three configurations, depending on your need. We have:
  • Sleep-grade, luxury summer homes with finished interior walls (typically knotty pine, stained in your favorite stain color)
  • Workshop grade building provides rough wall surfaces that can accomodate changable shelves, tool boxes, artist and sewing equipment. These outdoor studios can come with as many or as little windows as you prefer.
  • Storage grade structures provide the most basic outer weatherproof shell that can store your outdoor equipment and seasonal tools. For especially wet landscapes and areas, we are able to install treated plywood underlayment to protect your studio floor from increased moisture.
All of our model units can come with either a metal roof or 30-year shingle roof (multiple colors are available).

Since we build all buildings ourselves, we can customize any of the parameters, and add additional windows, change the color of siding, roofing or shingles, etc.

Many of our customers choose to add electricity to their sheds. This can be done fairly easily! You will need to do a disconnect switch from the main panel, lay proper underground conduit, and have a disconnect switch in the shed. The process is fairly easy, and the city inspections are very straightforward.

Shed kits

We deliver a variety of shed kits for those who want to save on the installation and prefer to install everything themselves.

Plastic tools shed

These are less durable, but over time, we found these sheds to have the best space capacity. These won't resist to much wind load, but can be a viable option for some of you.

8 x 12.5 Lifetime Shed
Photos will be included. our Lifetime 6402 Outdoor Storage Shed review page

8 x 2.5 Lean-To Lifetime Shed
. Our Lifetime 6413 Outdoor Storage Shed review page

Suncast 6x8 Everett Storage Shed -- our Suncast BMS6810D Everett Storage Shed, 6' x 8' review page

Shed add-on and customization ideas

You can add electricity to your shed. You will need to add a disconnect switch (see photos), lay underground conduit, and then enter a shed. This requires electrical inspections, but these are almost always fairly straightforward.

FAQ and Local Regulations

We get a lot of questions related to the installation of sheds throughout various jurisdictions in the Pacific Northwest. Below are some of the things you need to think through before ordering a shed from any shed manufacturer or installer.

What are the placement pad requirements for a shed?

Sheds are categorized as accessory structures. They need to sit 5' from the side of the property. You cannot do too tall of accessory structures.

How do I check zoning codes for building a shed?

Go to the city hall.

Mancave or Game room

Watch your favorite game or play some pool in a separate, guest-ready entertainment space. Run a popcorn machine and a full bar stand, and bring tall bar chairs inside for a full bar experience.


Our garages come in three styles: Open carports, Ranch roof, and Barn roof. Most typical is the ranch roof, and this option comes with a 9' x 7' garage door. Typical in 12' and 14' wide options, this option comes with an optional side window and an optional side entry door. These are perfect for housing your car, boat, motorcycle, ride-on lawnmowers, and other outdoor equipment - or serve as a dedicated space for your hobbies.

Tiny homes

Our insulated cabins can accomodate water closet, water lines, electrical panels and sewer connectors. Suitable as small vacation homes, these are cheaper and faster to set up than a full-size house.


Have you seen those small coffee shops located on the large parking lots? We build temporary ticket sales solutions, equip fairgrounds, coffee spots, firework sales kiosks, and temporary construction area weather-protected spaces.


Many of our units can be rented on a weekly basis. We have both contract and no-contract options, allowing you to use the building month-to-month, without any lock-in. You can expand to a bigger size or terminate the rental at any time, for any reason.

Rent to Own

Our flexible lease-to-own option requires no credit check and comes with a low monthly payment, allowing you to buy a product of your dreams today, and pay it over time. After all the payments, you own your cabin or shed!

Cities We Serve

We build sheds in Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Sammamish, Issaquah, Bothell, Medina and Woodinville, WA.

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Buy a Shed in Bothell, WA

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Gorilla Playsets

We carry a full line of Gorilla playsets and recommend a list of specific accessories via Amazon.


Dry saunas and Wet saunas are available, in custom sizes and custom materials. You will need electrical permits to operate these.

Buy Shed Plans Online

You will soon be able to purchase and download shed plans online.

At this time, you can purchase printed paper copies of shed plans 16' X 20' Cottage Shed with Porch or 12' X 16' Saltbox Style Storage Shed Project Plans

Quality and Construction

Skids and floor joists are pressure treated. On delivered buildings, the skids are 4x6 pressure treated lumber (PT lumber), and on built-in-place, skids are 4x4. Each option can be built with custom skid base. Exposed nails are galvanized, low-sheer nails. Door options include either shed-style single-pane doors or lock-and-keys doors with optional safety glazing and operable ventilated window. Windows are double-pane, sliding insulated windows.

Wall construction is either 16" or 24" on center (OC), with roof 24" OC. Keywords: Barn storage tack mower yard tools garden cave bike outdoor backyard building
Outdoor studios
Cabin shells
Custom buildings